Hello, I am Roshan Krishna (aka rk00710), I am studying in class VIII B of Kendriya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar, Chennai.
I  have many reasons to join chess.com, 
One of the obvious one is:  I LOVE CHESS!                                                                                         
I am indebted to my late Grandfather who opened my eyes in knowing the basics...
But I am also indebted to my father who taught me more about chess...
Initially I lost many games (I even blithely took the pawn instead of the queen) but one day I surprisingly won against my dad (twice).
After defeating him, my mother further nurtured my interest by putting me in chess class....
Everything was fine...
Until my mother had transfers (twice in less than a year)
And since then I did not go to chess class (plus this stupid pandemic came in and ruined all my plans to join a chess class which was very close to my home).
I am 13 years old (I would turn 14 by August 10)
I just don't have any other games to be within my boundary of interest other than chess.
If you want to challenge me, you can! but only between 7.30 PM till 9.00 PM
I don't possess any You Tube channel or Twitch (for your info!)
I LOVE READING as well..
My genre of interest is mainly the following:
1. Fiction (mostly Victorian novels like Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and others)
2. History (I am a history buff, if you know any history club do tell me in the notes!)
I read newspapers every morning and a book (if I am free!)
Since I read newspapers, some of you might wonder what is my political standing, right?
Well, I am a liberal who believes in changes and a staunch anti war. I always favour diplomacy over war. This world had already witnessed two World Wars and I wish that a Third World War  ought not to occur at all cost.
In terms of environment, I believe that any govt. should pay special attention to nature, after all that is the very same one which offered early humans shelter, water, food and everything else.
Speaking of food, I am a vegetarian (more specifically eggetarian).
I am currently learning the language of German (still at the basics though)