I've been watching anime for the longest time, but only have seen very few. I speak bunch of languages but fluent in only 2. There are many choices in life I'd like to make to turn life into a roller coaster ride. But I choose to be active and reactive to counter things thrown in life. I like to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi. There are other art forms I know but the ones listed are what I'm good at and I like.


Turning a boring scene into an orchestrated symphony is my ability to calligraph reality.


I like to program html, css, ruby, and other computer languages. I am verse in Information Technology Networking.  Yes, I'm a nerd full of testosterone. I do have a softer side of me where I go out to nature and bask in the open sky with a striding sun embracing around me.


I feel goofy yet can fit in with a group of nerds at IT. Jiraiya seems to sum me up in his character, minus the wart on his nose , because of his interest, intelligence, his taijitsu, and delight in the opposite sex.


Favorite character from Naruto . . .



He likes to train young pupils of the Hidden Leaf.


In certain animes, there's always one perverted guy that likes to drool over females. Seems Jiraiya is one of them. lol







































But doesn't always turn out good at the end. ^^














Jiraiya in sage mode:










Favorite Full Metal Panic opening theme songs:


Other Full Metal Panic stuff: