One thing i will never forget is my brothers navy boot camp graduation

My b-day:July 8th

I have a nice Australian accent 

im nice and im a soccer player, and baseball player

Best Friends on @Wandering_mary,@FuriousTiger123,@delaanii_princess08,@Xx-Loona-xX,@Soapie1010,@CutieCast,@0neWish and @RAFAELO_o and @XxX-Error-XxX

They are so nice to me!!!

Taken by my wife @xAlphagirlsansx and my girl @BubbleDaBunny

@BubbleDaBunny i love ya and i wish you the best when im around you and away from you i love ya very much

@Eclipsiaaa Is my besti,she very nice and cool.Also Cami This is my thing (  >:3  )

Brothers on @foxyfurryboi2222

@Alextheplayer23 is like a bro to me he will hurt you if anyone messes with Midnight

@Zenith0516 is like a bro to me he is so kind and he like fish bread

Sisters on @Roses456 And @ilovesadsongs

Please join my clubs: Cat Navy,King Shark,Friend Club


Also @AngelicNightcore is like a bro to me 

@picklequeen102 is so nice i like to mess with her like calling her short lol she is very nice and good at grammar 

one more thing @JACKATTACK_45 is very nice and a good friend

One more thing @chz3369 is a good person you should friend them 

One thing i would like to say is @xAlphagirlsansx we have a lot in common happy.png and your a nice girl happy.png