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Started playing Chess in 2012. My husband's love for the game became infectious........ (dispite that, I can't get him to give me a game) I just love the game!     Jesus Died For Us   Jesus died as He was nailed to the cross All the pain that He felt the blood that He lost The tears rolled down His face like the rain He tried not to show His suffering and pain He was put to death, He had to die And He did it all for you and I Dying for us, being so brave Then a miracle came, He arose from the grave Now He lives in Heaven, so far yet so near He is always here to help, don't ever fear You cannot see Him, yet He's everywhere He is always there He answers every prayer WE should always remember what he's done for us We should always have faith and trust When you feel down and think there's no one to care Turn to our precious Jesus, He's always there Can you believe He died for our sins, He died for us Don't you think He deserves our trust He's so wonderful, He's coming back one beautiful day To take us to His mansion in Heaven far away By Libra © 2008 Libra (All rights reserved)   Chess Poem Battlefield of Life I make this pledge to you alone, that I shall serve your royal throne. My silver sword, I gladly wield. Squares eight times eight the battlefield. With knights upon their mighty steed the front line pawns have vowed to bleed and neither Queen shall ever yield. Squares eight times eight the battlefield. The castle walls protect our back and Bishops plan for their attack; a master plan that is concealed. Squares eight times eight the battlefield. For chess is but a game of life and I your Queen, a loving wife shall guard my liege and raise my shield. Squares eight times eight the battlefield. by Amera M. Andersen 2008