Happy June!!


I love to talk to people and will respond whenever I’m online. In my free time I enjoy reading and watching anime (with my favorite being Akame ga Kill)- Feel free to send a friend request! ♥️

My favorite bughouse partner:@noelliee

Amazing people I enjoy chatting with

(Not in any particular order) :

@Blazer_Galaxy : one of my first friends, he’s always been there for me 😄


@ShadowWick : Pokémon

@Zombie_Baby : amazing at everything! really supportive as well ✨


@xqueen-asteriax : always has such an amazing, pretty profile 🌸

@Quick <— Alex

(a cool person who likes mango ice cream 🗿)

@AlyssaHungHerPawn : my favorite person to verse in bullet ♟


@Meadow_Saffron <— Tak

@JACKATTACK_45 : someone who I love playing games against.. and talking about anime 🤗







Thanks for supporting me!:D