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Do you like Unicorns?

I will show you some unicorn pictures if you don't like them:

I am sure you like e'm now!

Wait.. I have a joke.

Student: Why do we have to study math's?

Teacher: To get the correct answers,

Student: What is 1+8?

Teacher: 9 obviously 

Student: What is 2+7?

Teacher: Also 9

Student: 3+6?

Teacher: 9

Student: 4+5?

Teacher: 9.

Student: Then why do we have to learn math's? Every answer is 9?!

Teacher: < Running out of the room and screaming >

Students: < Roaring with laughter! >

Marshmellow - Alone

Marshmellow - Fly

Marshmellow - Stars

Note: I didn't create these master song art pieces. All credit goes to Marshmellow. I suggest you go look over him for even more at pieces. Marshmellow's YouTube Channel