Well Chess.commers,

I joined this site on August 31st 2007,so I think that I should post something about myself!

A quick potted history:-

My father was a British Army Major (Royal Artillery) and both of my parents were English as far back as I've been able to trace to date,my father's side back to 1580 and my lovely Mum's side back to 1418.I was conceived in Hong Kong,born in Ayr,Scotland (of which I am fiercely proud!),grew up in Cyprus until I was 7,lived all over the south of England,travelled all over the world for most of my lucky life and now live in Australia,which is Paradise,believe me!

Boxed for England schoolboys and played Rugby Union for Hampshire when I was a much fitter and younger man!

Proud to say that I have made great friends on this marvellous site.

My job history is full and very diverse,in fact,I've had heaps of jobs,but nothing much that set the world on fire!Smile


Je parle la francaise une petite peu,but my main languages are English,Rubbish and Drunkish! LOLLaughing



Favourite subjects at school:-

Smoking,drinking,and meeting the girls behind the bike shedsSmile.