HOlA im Zanleygirl15 and you may add me as a friend i or i add you as a friend por favor lol umm... yes ill join you clubs if you send invites u welcome lol umm... my brother is @alextheplayer34 i miss you brother your the best.he also my alfalfa but only i can call him and him are waiting for Yolanda to come out.were coming for you lol umm... another thing i'm like obsessed with music so ill probably talk about that alot and i like alot of artist.i would make a list but that be too long. lol at the moment i'm listening to hate myself by Tate McRae. shout out to her and her new album lol anyways this is my bio ill add later but oh well cya oh yeah i song write and yes i'm from Texas so i do use slang apparently y'all think it weird

and awkward so just warning you lol and cya

OH and check out some of my blogs and original songs