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    GM Yasser Seirawan

    Блоги Профиль 262 отслеживающих

    Seirawan began playing chess at 12; at 13 he became Washington junior champion. At 19 he won the World Junior Chess Championship. In 1980, he tied for first with Walter Browne in Wijk Aan Zee and was invited by Viktor Korchnoi to be his coach in the 1980/81 Candidate Matches and World Championship match against Anatoly Karpov. Seirawan was twice a Candidate, four time US Champion, was ranked in the world's top ten and played for ten US Olympiad teams.  He retired from tournament play in September 2003. For twelve years he was the publisher chief editor of the Inside Chess magazine. In 2001, Seirawan released a plan to reunite the chess world, which at that time had two world champions: Ruslan Ponomariov had gained the title under the auspices of FIDE, while Vladimir Kramnik had beaten Garr...

  • WilliamSchill
  • Marignon

    Yury Solomatin

    Блоги Профиль 226 отслеживающих

    www.quantoforum.ru/category-59 - Some collective research on Chess-960 strategy and other theory-free chess versions. http://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=44134517 - My FIDE card   I offer playing a 2+1 bullet match till 6 wins to anyone who has to play daily chess with me, but does not wish to. He wins - I resign my daily games. I win - he resigns. Note that I am a slow-thinking player and don't at all excel in bullet.    

  • Streamers


    Блоги Профиль 28 отслеживающих

  • PeterDoggers

    Peter Doggers

    Блоги Профиль 13322 отслеживающих

    Company Contact and News Accreditation:  Email: peter@chess.com Phone: 1 (800) 318-2827 Address: PO Box 60400 Palo Alto, CA 94306 Peter Doggers joined a chess club a month before turning 15 and still plays for it. He used to be an active tournament player and holds two IM norms, but now only plays about two tournaments a year. Peter has a Master of Art degree in Dutch Language & Literature. He briefly worked at New in Chess, then as a Dutch teacher and then in a project for improving safety and security in Amsterdam schools. Between 2007 and 2013 Peter was running ChessVibes, a major source for chess news and videos. In October 2013 Chess.com acquired ChessVibes. As our Director of Content, Peter writes most of...

  • MikeKlein

    FM Mike Klein

    Блоги Профиль 15269 отслеживающих

    Company Contact and News Accreditation:  Email: Mike@chess.com Phone: 1 (800) 318-2827 Address: PO Box 60400 Palo Alto, CA 94306 Mike Klein began playing chess at the age of four in Charlotte, NC. In 1986, he lost to Josh Waitzkin at the National Championship featured in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer." A year later, Mike became the youngest member of the very first All-America Chess Team, and was on the team a total of eight times. In 1988, he won the K-3 National Championship, and eventually became North Carolina's youngest-ever master. In 1996, he won clear first for under-2250 players in the top section of the World Open. Mike has taught chess full-time for a dozen years in New York City and Charlotte, with his students and teams winning many national champion...

  • DawidCzerw

    Dawid Czerw

    Блоги Профиль 248 отслеживающих

    Cześć! Jestem instruktorem szachowym i zawodowo zajmuję się nauczaniem gry w szachy. Moja pasja rozpoczęła się dwanaście lat temu - dzięki temu doświadczeniu jestem w stanie rozwiązywać wiele problemów, z którymi początkujący szachiści kompletnie sobie nie radzą. Zdarza Ci się podstawiać figury? Wiedziałeś, że wystarczy zadać sobie jedno pytanie, aby tego uniknąć? (Czym mi grozi przeciwnik?) Tak, to jest proste! Moje kwalifikacje potwierdzają wszystkie pozytywne opinie na moim profilu ekorepetytora! Specjalizuję się w zajęciach on-line (wystarczą darmowe konta na chess com i skype!). Jak wygląda system płatności? Płacisz po zajęciach zwykłym przelewem, lub jeżeli Ci wygodniej to paypalem. Nie czekaj! Napisz do mnie smsa (792-517-249) już teraz, a skontaktuję się z Tobą jak najszybciej i u...

  • Blunderprone

    George Duval

    Блоги Профиль 68 отслеживающих

  • pfren

    IM Panayotis Frendzas

    Блоги Профиль 573 отслеживающих

    FIDE IM, FIDE Trainer Available for complete INDIVIDUAL courses to ambitious advanced young players, aiming at International titles. Contact me: panfren at gmail dot com for details.

  • smarterchess

    NM Matt Jensen

    Блоги Профиль 518 отслеживающих

    Note: Not accepting new students at the moment. Matt is a USCF National Master and part-time chess coach.  He started playing chess when at five and has been teaching since age nine.  Matt’s two goals when working with students are to 1) make sure the game stays fun and 2) ensure constant improvement in all facets of the game.

  • DanielNaroditsky

    GM Daniel Naroditsky

    Блоги Профиль 962 отслеживающих

    GM Daniel Naroditskywas born, raised, and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He learned chess at six years old from his father and brother, and was hooked from day one! His greatest accomplishment in his early chess career was to win the gold medal in the 2007 under 12 World Youth Chess Championship in Antalya, Turkey. Four years later, he became an IM, and in 2013, at the Benasque Open in Spain, He earned his final GM norm and pushed his rating over 2500, fulfilling his dream. He's am currently a full-time student at Stanford University, but still ambitious. He also very much enjoys writing and continues to write an instructional column here on Chess.com when his time permits!

  • ChessUniversity

    Chess University

    Блоги Профиль 841 отслеживающий

    Chess University is the the world's leading chess-teaching organization on the internet! It's headed by talented chess instructors who are here to provide world-class chess education. Chess University offers single-day seminars, college-like chess classes, grandmaster simultaneous exhibitions, online chess camps, the Prodigy Program and much more!   Our teaching staff includes: Best-selling coach Kairav Joshi, FM Dalton Perrine, FM Arne Jochens, FM Kostya Kavutskiy, GM Alexei Shirov, GM Alex Yermolinsky, and many teaching assistants and guest instructors.   Check out our group for more info: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/chesscom-university Click here to join today!

  • IndreRe

    Indrek Reiland

    Блоги Профиль 96 отслеживающих

    I'm an academic philosopher and an amateur chess player rated between 1700-1900 in Daily, Blitz (10 min), and Rapid. I've mostly always played on this site, but have recently started playing OTB tournaments as well. I'm also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt and a latin dancer. Please check out my blog where I write about how someone at my level tries to improve, interesting opening lines, chess books & videos, my own games, and so on. 

  • MichiganEagle

    FM Seth Homa

    Блоги Профиль 265 отслеживающих

    FIDE Master from Michigan. 2476 USCF, 2365 FIDE   2013 and 2014 Michigan Open Champion   Two IM Norms: Golden State Open 2013 (5.5/9), St Louis Invitational 2014 (7.0/9)   USA Ranking - 87th (USCF) 97th (FIDE)

  • Anna_Rudolf

    IM Anna_Rudolf

    Блоги Профиль 1611 отслеживающих

    Hello there, dear chess fan! Good to see you again  2018 for me will be a year with loooooads of streams! Come and join the fun on www.twitch.tv/Anna_Chess for my "Anna in Wonderland" shows and follow the PRO Chess League where I commentate on the Eastern Division with the one and only GingerGM!    

  • Malev212

    GM Jaan Ehlvest

    Блоги Профиль 311 отслеживающих

    I am interested in chess and psychology, especially how chess can help the person grow. May chess used as indicator to measure women and men or people with different background. Also aging and chess. Being one of the top World players at the end of 80's I have tremendous experience and I know all top players from that period till today. I only did not play Magnus, but I beat Spassky in the past.

  • linlaoda

    NM Julian Lin

    Блоги Профиль 1086 отслеживающих

    I am Julian Lin. I live in California, and enjoy playing chess as my deepest passion.   I offer online coaching. I'm self taught and believe my struggles are what makes me a better coach. I started with a 900 rating and am now rated 2200.   (Expand to see all reviews)  I will teach you how to find the right next move - ever feel so lost as to how to even start?We will work together to find the mistakes we are making and come up with actionable plans to work on them - every lesson!Don't take it from me - see what my students have to say:       NickTrap I am a new student of Julian's and after two sessions his coaching has been beyond my expectations. He is a dedicted teacher, that understands the needs of his student and provides a structured approach to learning and getting the student on...

  • Illingworth

    GM Max Illingworth

    Блоги Профиль 812 отслеживающих

    2017 Australian Open Champion, 2018 Australian Champion. Take the struggle out of chess improvement with my website https://www.patreon.com/ChessLearning

  • MiddlegamerUmesh

    Umesh Konduru

    Блоги Профиль 236 отслеживающих

  • mauricioflores

    GM Mauricio Flores

    Блоги Профиль 307 отслеживающих

    Author of Chess Structures - a Grandmaster Guide, Quality Chess 2015. Visit http://chess-structures.com to learn more about it.   Interested in lessons? I am very interested in coaching young and promising players who are eager to learn. We can arrange face to face lessons in Minneapolis, or otherwise most of my lessons are conducted using Skype + ICC (or chess.com). This online system works very well. Just like my book, my teaching is based on very concrete information, clear-cut ideas and principles. Each lesson you will learn something very concrete and useful. I will not waste your time teaching “general ideas” you can’t use. Over the years, I have prepared very solid teaching material, and I believe my current methodology is very effective. I keep the names of my students a secret (to...

  • beth_thrasher
  • Juraldo

    IM Jure Zorko

    Блоги Профиль 200 отслеживающих

    Hi!   My name is Jure Zorko and I come from Slovenia, Middle Europe. I am an International Master with a current FIDE rating of 2465. I have been playing and studying chess for about 20 years, regularly participating in European and World youth championships. Currently I am a full time chess coach, while still being an active player. My you tube channel: You Tube / Jure Zorko   I started thinking about becoming a chess coach after I saw how much I could improve my own chess in adulthood and discover mistakes coaches could not see in my youth. That gave me the confidence to pursue a chess coaching career, where I helped many chess players around the world.   My highlights as a player and a coach:   - Multiple winner of medals at Youth National Championship - Shared 9th place at World Chess...

  • ACMChess

    American Chess Magazine

    Блоги Профиль 11 отслеживающих

    The ACM has been launched to help American readers keep in touch with all the most significant happenings in the exciting world of present day chess, both at home and abroad. www.acmchess.com

  • EOGuel

    Daniel Guel

    Блоги Профиль 134 отслеживающих

    Hi. My name is Daniel Guel. I am a junior in high school, currently seventeen years old. I began playing chess seriously in May of 2013 and played my first rated tournament in April of 2015.    I now almost 150 rated games under the United States Chess Federation with a rating of 1816 OTB. I play with the (currently small) Waco Chess Club and direct tournaments there as well.    I enjoy playing on chess.com. I started a blog, and I am now a top blogger and post frequently. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!   PS. Yes, I did shorten my "about me" page! 

  • zibbit

    FM Ingvar Thor Johannesson

    Блоги Профиль 525 отслеживающих

    Please check my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/zibbit  You'll find instructive videos like this: Bullet Tournaments: Live Blitz Commentary videos And plenty more!!   I am educated in computer science and currently working independetly.  In my spare time I like watching sports a lot and my main hobby is basketball in which I am a referee in the top division now. Chess is above all sports/games the one I love. I started playing I think 8 or 9 years old and quickly became to love the game. I did ok when I was younger, was always among the top juniors in Iceland but never won the National junior Ch. mostly because future GM and future junior World Ch. Helgi Ass Gretarsson was the same age as me. I came 2nd in a jr. National Championship once but didn't really win anything. Whe...

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