8 дней назад
11 games is probably not significant no. On I'm a good 200 higher in Rapid than Blitz so it's not unknown :)
8 дней назад
On Lichess is where I have played most of my rapid games (11 games). Rating difference is about 100 points higher at this point. Maybe that is not a statistically significant difference?
8 дней назад
I am noticing that my rating is stronger in rapid than in blitz. I am also noticing that this seems to be reversed in the player's ratings I have viewed. Should this inform my approach? (So far, continuing to improve tactics & patterns seem to be the focus -- which I tend to agree are the best focus areas at my rating.)
11 дней назад
ChessGoals rapid event starting soon!
13 дней назад
Hello everyone. I have started the Advanced Plan this week. I see how it fills in some gaps in my effort to retain and gain chess strength. Not sure where to post my progress.
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