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15 сент. 2008 г.
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15 дней назад
5. Try and play local Blitz tournaments (for that's Team South Africa) rather than random Blitzing. And be kind to yourself. Changing these habits is hard.
15 дней назад
I've realised I have good days and bad days. Just before term starts (I work at a school) I'm more anxious and then play more. My wife tells me to stop! I've got 5 principles to try and manage this "too much chess" problem. 1. Set a limit before you play (either # of games or time) 2. Have something specific to go and do afterwards. 3. See the bigger picture (we're all part of a global chess community etc.). 4. Don't use an engine (except for post-game analysis). It's just not worth it.
28 дней назад
This is hilarious but also sad. Sad but true. I waste my life playing bad chess, blitz games for 3 hours a day. And then I'm too wired to sleep well. And to think that half of the people I'm playing against are in the same boat.
Sep 17, 2021
Update ... I found that it's easy to fall back into playing too much (even at work). So the new strategy is not to play Blitz until after 12h00 every day (weekends are an exception). That way I'm forced to use different neural pathways. Also would like to rather play Blitz against people I sort of know rather than just random Blitzing. Although my scheduile doesn't really allow for that much flexibility.
Aug 24, 2021
Interested to hear other people's experiences of how they have managed to limit their chess time. At the moment I'm trying to limit to one hour of Blitz a day. What helped was taking a 2-week break altogether and then when I cam back it was easier to stick to the limit. Some days I fall off the wagon but generally I'm managing. What works for you?