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17 дек. 2022 г.
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Become a Chess Phoenix today! Phoenix VIP Club is in the top 1400 clubs in the world for Vote Chess, so join if you enjoy playing Vote Chess!
   (Phoenix VIP drew in their match against the #1 rated Vote Chess Club on, The Chess School, even though The Chess School had called for 1,000 members to participate in their match against us.)

Welcome to Phoenix VIP Club. We are a tightly knit group of chess players interested in playing competitive matches against other clubs, especially Vote Chess! We have no shortage of daily matches and Vote Chess matches. If you want to improve at chess and make friends, Phoenix VIP Club is the club for you!

Some Information About Us:

Phoenix VIP Club, often shortened to PVIP, is a club founded by @Johannian07 in September of 2023. The club originally was a club called The Path to GM (est. November 2022, @sharpner99), but eventually, the club underwent a big remodel and converted to the club Phoenix VIP. Between @MentalHurricane1, @asd0008, @DarkStrongNightmare, and @Johannian07, these members worked with the owner of The Path to GM to create a large club with nearly 200 members, hosting many events and club matches and making friends with the members of the club. After certain events taking place, @Johannian07 became the club owner of The Path to GM, and the club became stagnant for many months. But he had been planning a club remodel, and eventually, on September 8, 2023, he changed the club into the active community of Phoenix VIP Club. Join now to show your support and become a Chess Phoenix!


Our Staff at PVIP:

Founder: @Johannian07

Owner: @Johannian07

Co-Owner: @Admiral_ChessBeard

Club Management Assistants: @BirdSong06, @MentalHurricane1, @aceusername, @adhirajGM2025, @shaun293290

Any questions regarding the club, or if there is any information you would like to have before joining the club, please contact @Johannian07 or @Admiral_ChessBeard.

Our Partner Clubs:

Wolf Gang