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29 мая 2018 г.
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Hello Everyone wink.png, Welcome to the "The GM Factory" an official Fan Club of the one of the World's best Chess.comchesspawn.png Streamer, Coachcoaches.png & also an authorized Staffchesspawn.png, Our Great Sir GMCanty.

There is also an official Chess computer Bot known as Canty for you to play.

The GM Factory is his official Fan club with more then 6000 + members where he streams his amazing and Prime lessons & Gameplays which we all members enjoy a lot.

We invite you , so you can also get connected with us and you can also enjoy such interesting lessons and videos all in free.

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Also available for lessons to interested Chess Enthusiasts! 

tongue.png Don't forget to join us! Hope we meet you soon in "The GM Factory"

Let's Gooooooooooo.