Washington Chess Federation

12 мар. 2020 г.
3 (#3530)
0 (#31319)
6 часов назад
hello felow intellects
23 дня назад
@Lemongamerchess I am playing in the junior open, hbu?
23 дня назад
23 дня назад
Is this the official saudi arabia chess club?
23 дня назад
Free 1-month Diamond Membership for WCF Club members!

Free 1-month Diamond Membership for WCF Club members!

NM jsinanan | 23 дек. 2022 г.
Dear WCF Club Members, Chess.com has created a special offer just for our club members: https://www.chess.com/payment?id=diamond_yearly_032022&coupon=WASH22&ref_ID=7385745 This link is good for 50 members to receive one free month of Diamond membership on Chess.com.  Please note: This membership will auto renew to an annual diamond membership. You may cancel the free trial at any time to avoid the annual auto renewal.  This offer is limited to those who do not already have a Chess.com pre...

WCF Open Seeks

WCF Open Seeks
13 сент. 2020 г.
WCF Tournament Schedule!!

WCF Tournament Schedule!!

HorkstowGrange | 17 июл. 2020 г.
Hello everyone,                             This is Abhay Sankar and as most of you guys know I will be hosting tournament every week if not daily! The tournaments will be hosted through this club!! It would mean a lot to me if you guys participated. Though until summer ends, I have a specific schedule per say, where different types of variants and time controls will be hosted throughout the week. I am sorry if I forget to post a tournament or anything, but please send me a message if I do! ...
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