Пронађи шаховског тренера који ти може помоћи да побољшаш своје умеће. Врхунски шахисти наведени овде су доступни за пружање шаховских лекција и вежби. Обрати се неком од њих већ данас.

Axel Muller
USCF Рејтинг 2245
Pasadena, CA, Сједињене Државе

Hi,  My name is Axel Müller, I'm 43 years old. A friend taught me how to play chess in kindergarten and I have been passionate about chess ever since.  When I moved to California in 2007 I had a little break from competitive chess. My first rating when...

У Шаху уживо
Viktor Neustroev
FIDE Рејтинг 2211
Novosibirsk, Русија

Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm 32. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk....

Evgeny Shtembuliak
FIDE Рејтинг 2505
Lubbock, Сједињене Државе

Hello everyone!!! I teach chess using skype.   I am a professional chessplayer and coach from Ukraine, I am an International Master and I also have one GM norm. My current elo is 2505(classic) and 2542(blitz). I have got plenty of achievements, I have...

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Craig Hilby
USCF Рејтинг 2522
California, Сједињене Државе

"PRO Chess League Team: San Diego Surfers" Hello! 18-year old International Master Craig Hilby here! I am open to private coaching and am strongly capable of teaching students anywhere from beginner to 2200 master level. I have experience teaching in...

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Jaan Ehlvest
USCF Рејтинг 2701
Nashville, Сједињене Државе

I am interested in chess and psychology, especially how chess can help the person grow. May chess used as indicator to measure women and men or people with different background. Also aging and chess. Being one of the top World players at the end of 80's...

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Nikolay Milchev
FIDE Рејтинг 2417
Stoke on Trent, Енглеска

      I am an International master since 2009 with peak rating 2469.I am a former Bulgarian junior champion under 16 and 18,vice-european champion under 16, Novy Sad/Serbia  (bliti section)Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I...

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Michel Coto
FIDE Рејтинг 2345
Artemisa, Куба

(Spanish/English/French) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the Electronic Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Personal Blog https://www.chess.com/blog/michel2426 . Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvwMigKfmZxEJN0raY6FYSQ?view_as=public....

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Mauricio Flores
FIDE Рејтинг 2531
Minneapolis, Сједињене Државе

Author of Chess Structures - a Grandmaster Guide, Quality Chess 2015. Visit http://chess-structures.com to learn more about it.   Interested in lessons? I am very interested in coaching young and promising players who are eager to learn. We can arrange...

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Han Schut
USCF Рејтинг 2257
Florida, Сједињене Државе

Certified trainer in the Steps Method (Van Wijgerden/Brunia) with over 30 years of coaching experience with a special focus on teaching youth.  My training covers many facets of chess, including building a framework to successfully analyze new positions,...

Andres Guerrero
FIDE Рејтинг 2321
Valencia, Венецуела

Hola! Gracias por tomarte un minuto para ver mi perfil! Soy FM y Coach Profesional. Me enfoco en los ajedrecistas que se sienten atrapados entre los 1100/1900 de Elo, ayudándolos a obtener rápidos progresos. En los últimos años me he especializado en...

На мрежи пре 54 мин.
Alexander Battey
FIDE Рејтинг 2344
Washington, D.C., Сједињене Државе

Lessons are based on game analysis, opening repertoire development, review and analysis of key positional themes and concepts, and endgames. Additionally, should you want to cover a specific opening / theme / topic, I am more than happy to.   I have taught...

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AKA aww-rats
FIDE Рејтинг 2220
Las Vegas, NV, Сједињене Државе

Full time Professional Chess Coach   Top selling coach on chess.com for last 5.5 years. They stopped recording this in March 2013 when I outsold all coaches on this site first 10 months of activity to move up to number 4 overall. I now teach chess 70...

У Шаху уживо
Attila Turzo
FIDE Рејтинг 2291
Solymar, Мађарска

Attila Turzo is at your service! You can follow and play with me on my stream at https://www.twitch.tv/attilaturzo      Would you like to become an excellent chess player?   I am at your service to help you to reach your goals. I have 23 years experience...

Praveen Sagar
Bangalore, Индија

I'm an affordable & senior chess coach at Mind Mentorz academy located in Bangalore, India. I currently hold an AGM (Arena Grand Master) title (www.mindmentorz.com). Currently offering private classes through Skype for beginners & upper intermediate...

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Amirhossein Jamshidi
tehran, Иран

  Private Lessons & many other Training Services available over the internet. Improve your strategy and endgame skills with my lessons and analyses for reasonable prices! Fide Master from Iran with couple years of coaching experience. Contact me via Amir.supersushi@gmail.com  

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Fidel Corrales
FIDE Рејтинг 2550
Boston, MA, Сједињене Државе

Hello everyone, I am GM Fidel Corrales. Currently living in Boston, MA!  I have been coaching chess for a long time and my specialty is getting players from 1200-1600s and bring them to the 1800s and up. If you are interested in improving your chess please...

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Daniel Rensch
FIDE Рејтинг 2416
@danielrensch Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, Сједињене Државе

Vice President of Content & Professional Relations for Chess.com. International Master Danny Rensch is best known for his videos and chess.com/tv shows - but also writes educational articles, publishes breaking chess news, and organizes the details...

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Luis Fernández Siles
FIDE Рејтинг 2260
Granada, Шпанија

Maestro FIDE y entrenador de ajedrez. Editor y director de Capakhine, la revista de ajedrez para los niños y sus padres. Siempre pensando en crear contenidos que puedan ser útiles para el progreso ajedrecístico. Creativo, bloguero,...

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Mauricio Ramirez
FIDE Рејтинг 2252
caracas, Венецуела

Maestro FIDE (Mauricio Abraham Ramirez Gonzalez)Tri - Campeon Centro Americano Juvenil, año 2014, 2015, 2016Sub - Campeon de America Juvenil Modalidad Blitz, año 2015Campeón de America Juvenil Modalidad Blitz, año 2017Sub Campeon de America Juvenil clásico,...

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ranveer singh bhatti
FIDE Рејтинг 2227
rajnandgaon (c.g.), Индија

I am Ranveer Singh Bhatti, 32 years old and former international chess player with fide rating of 2227.I live in Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh India) and started playing at the age of 10.My total professional experience in Chess is 20 years of playing and...

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Kevin Davidson
USCF Рејтинг 2298
Сједињене Државе

Hello!  My name is Kevin Davidson and I am a National Master with a current USCF rating of 2298.  I have eight years of volunteer and professional teaching experience, and I enjoy working with students of all ages.  I'm here for you and will do my best...

Gahan MG
FIDE Рејтинг 2256
Bangalore, Индија

Hi, I am Gahan MG, 24 year old from Bangalore, India. Having an experience of over 15 years in playing tournaments from State Level to International Level. My Fide Rating is 2256 at the moment with the highest Rating of 2311 on Feb, 2018.  I am also an...

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Alberto Chueca
FIDE Рејтинг 2300
Zaragoza, Spain, Шпанија

Hi! I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master, chess coach and founder of www.albertochueca.com. I've got many years coaching mainly children where some of them are representing their countries (United States, India...) and are in the top 15 of the World of their...

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Reivis Brizuela
FIDE Рејтинг 2223
san mateo, estado aragua, Венецуела

Hola, Mi Nombre es Reivis Brizuela, tengo 26 años de edad, soy Maestro Candidato (CM) y Maestro Nacional de Ajedrez. Contactame: reivisg@gmail.com Soy Jugador Activo desde los 14 años de edad, siendo campeón de mi país en múltiples oportunidades, Campeón...

На мрежи пре 3 сата
Ontario, Канада