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How often do you play vs a Computer opponent?

Never. I prefer human opponents; engines just aren't the same ([[ getPercent(3001, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(3001) ]])
Seldom, but sometimes I'll analyse a game I played and try different lines against my computer. ([[ getPercent(3002, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(3002) ]])
Sometimes I'll play a practice game against an engine. ([[ getPercent(3003, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(3003) ]])
I play engines often. It's good practice and doesn't hurt as much to lose! ([[ getPercent(3004, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(3004) ]])
I play engines more often than humans. I love a casual game vs my smart-phone or computer! ([[ getPercent(3005, true) ]]%, [[ getVotesString(3005) ]])

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