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Advanced Endgames

Advanced Endgames

Improve your endgame play with these winning techniques

  • Endgame Principles

    Master basic endgame principles and gain the upper hand once most pieces are captured. An important principle is to stay calm to avoid counterplay. You're only playing for one point. There's no extra prize for winning quickly.

    • 11 min
    • 5 utmaningar
  • Common Rook Endgames

    A rook endgame is one of the most common ways a game can end. It's important to keep the rook as active as possible and have it work well together with your king. Rooks are not particularly effective at stopping passed pawns. In endgames with king and...

    • 10 min
    • 5 utmaningar
  • King Opposition

    A key endgame technique is the opposition. This is when the two kings oppose each other one square between them. Whichever side has the move has a disadvantage because the king must move out of the way. Often the opposition is the difference between winning...

    • 8 min
    • 5 utmaningar
  • Zugzwang

    In chess you can't skip your turn, which means sometimes you can reach a position where someone must make a disadvantageous move. This situation is called zugzwang. Forcing zugzwang is an important technique to winning endgames, and can be used in the...

    • 5 min
    • 5 utmaningar
  • Opposite Colored Bishops in the Endgame

    In the middlegame opposite colored bishops give each side an extra attacker. In endgames, opposite colored bishops greatly increase drawing opportunities. One bishop can blockade all squares on a diagonal and the opposing bishop can't help.

    • 4 min
    • 5 utmaningar
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