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Chess Boxing

People say chess is the ultimate intellectual sport. But if you want to follow the old Roman advice and cultivate a "healthy mind in a healthy body," chess boxing may be just what you need!

Here's what you need to know about chess boxing:

What Is Chess Boxing?

Chess boxing is a sport that, as the name suggests, combines chess and boxing. Players play alternate rounds of rapid chess and boxing until one of them wins in either discipline or when their opponent resigns.

Players can win by knockout during boxing rounds or by checkmate during chess rounds. They can also lose by running out of time or continually stalling to make a move when playing chess. Players can also lose for committing multiple boxing rule infractions.

Chess boxing
Photo: WCBO/CC.

Major Chess Boxing Organizations

There are many chess boxing organizations worldwide, including the following three main ones:

World Chess Boxing Organisation

The World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) was created in 2003 in Berlin, Germany. Among other things, the WCBO was responsible for organizing chess boxing world championships until 2013.

World Chess Boxing Association

The World Chess Boxing Association (WCBA) is another international organization that aims at developing the chess boxing industry. The WCBA was founded in 2013 and also recognizes world champions crowned by the WCBO.

Chess Boxing Global

The Chess Boxing Global Marketing, also known as Chess Boxing Global (CBG), is a professional chess boxing league founded in 2013. Since its creation, the CBG has organized the officially recognized world chess boxing championships.

Chess boxing
Photo: WCBO/CC.

Chess Boxing Weight Classes

Men over 17 years old

Weight class Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
Lightweight 70 (maximum) 154.3
Middleweight 80 176.4
Light heavyweight 90 198.4
Heavyweight Over 90 198.4+

Women over 17 years old

Weight class Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
Lightweight 55 (maximum) 121.3
Middleweight 65 143.3
Light heavyweight 75 165.3
Heavyweight Over 75 165.3+


You now know what chess boxing is, its rules, major international organizations, and more. While you can't box online, you can try different chess variants by visiting our Variants page!

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