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Chess Marathon

Chess Marathon

What is the most chess you've ever played at a time? An hour? Two hours? Ten hours? Well, none of those are close to the record of more than 61 hours. Read on to find out about the longest chess marathon ever, other chess marathons, and more.

What Is The World Record Longest Chess Marathon?

For more than two-and-a-half days in 2024, Askild Bryn and CM Odin Blikra Vea played a 383-game chess marathon in Stavanger, Norway that lasted a confirmed 61 hours, three minutes, and 34 seconds. Starting June 2 until June 4, Bryn and Vea were only allowed to take short breaks of five minutes per hour, up to 30 minutes at a time every six hours. GM Magnus Carlsen followed the record closely and shared a few words after it was set.

You can watch the record-setting moment and the ceremony that followed (including Carlsen's appearance starting at 5:31:30) right here:

Previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ For Longest Chess Marathon

Before Bryn and Vea set the current record, Tunde Onakoya of Nigeria played a 60-hour marathon in Times Square, New York City, although it was not confirmed. Previously, in 2018, Hallvard Haug Flatebo and Sjur Ferkingstad played for more than 56 hours.


Now you know about chess marathons, the world record for the longest chess marathon, who did it, and where and when they did it. 

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