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FIDE Master (FM)

FIDE Master (FM)

We have all heard of the grandmaster title for chess players, but do you know that there are other official titles? Here is everything you need to know about the FIDE Master title, who awards the title, and how to attain it yourself.

Who Is A FIDE Master?

The FIDE Master (abbreviated as FM) title is one of the official titles a chess player can receive from the International Chess Federation (FIDE). It is the third-highest title a player can achieve, coming only after the grandmaster and international master titles. Once a player gains FM status, they hold it for life unless FIDE revokes it for disciplinary reasons.

FIDE Master Mike Klein.
FM Mike Klein, also known as FunMasterMike on

FMs are among the top chess players in the world and perform at a very high level. You can find many of them right here on and even watch them playing live. To do that, all you have to do is head over the Live Chess page and click the Events option.

FIDE Masters playing on
Watch FMs play live on

You can also see FMs and other titled players competing on a weekly tournament hosted by called Titled Tuesday.

How Do You Attain A FIDE Master Title?

Anyone can obtain the FM title by achieving a rating of 2300 in an official FIDE tournament. The player must have also played at least 30 games to qualify. You can find more details about these requirements in FIDE's handbook.

How To Identify FIDE Masters On

Identifying FMs and other titled players on is very easy. Every titled player has a red tag with their title next to their username. The image below shows an example of a game between two of our master players, IM Daniel Rensch and FM Mike Klein.

Identifying FIDE Masters on
Titled players receive a red tag with their titles next to their username on


You now know what the FM title means and the requirements to achieve it. Go to the Live Chess page now and watch incredible games being played by FMs.

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