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Giveaway Chess

Giveaway Chess

Hanging your pieces can be a frustrating experience. But what if you could get rewarded for being the best at giving your pieces away?

Here's what you need to know about Giveaway Chess:

What Is Giveaway Chess?

Giveaway Chess (also called Losing Chess or Antichess) is a widely popular chess variant that likely appeared during the late 19th century. In this game, players have to lose all their pieces or get stalemated to win.

Giveaway chess
A Giveaway Chess game between FM Mike Klein and user parcelinc.

What Are The Rules Of Giveaway?

As stated, players win when they give away all their pieces or have no legal moves left to play. There are other essential changes in the game's rules to make it appealing.

The most critical difference is that captures are mandatory. If there's a legal capture in a position, a player must make it. If there's more than one available capture, the player can choose the one they prefer.

Giveaway Chess
White must choose one of the three available captures.

Another difference lies in the fact that there are no checks or checkmates. The game doesn't end after one of the players captures the opponent's king.

Finally, players can't castle in Giveaway Chess, and promoting pawns to kings is allowed.

How To Play Giveaway Online

Playing Giveaway Chess online is very simple. Simply go to's Variants page and select that option from the variants menu.

Play Giveaway Chess at
You can find the option of playing Giveaway Chess on our Variants page.


You now know what Giveaway Chess is, its rules, and how you can play it online. Click the button below and play this exciting type of chess right now!

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