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Dear fellow chess enthusiasts,

I am FM Charles Galofre, a highly experienced chess coach based in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. I work with people (chess lessons / chess coaching / chess instruction) in Miami Florida (Miami Dade + Broward + Palm Beach Counties among all other places in FloridaI through online chess lessons), all over the United States, people from Europe, Asia, and even Australia. I have been working as a coach on for the last 6 months and have helped many students achieve their goals in chess. I take pride in being one of the best chess coaches on for two main reasons: my competitive pricing and my extensive knowledge of the game.

At just $25 per hour, I offer some of the most affordable chess lessons on My students commit to 10 lessons for $250, which we conduct over two and a half months at a rate of one hour per week. I use Skype to conduct all my lessons, and students can record the sessions using the software.

I specialize in working with class players (players rated below 2000), helping them to reach expert level (a rating of 2000 USCF or on with ease. My highest FIDE rating was 2364, so you can be confident that I have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

So, what do I teach? In every lesson, I offer a theoretical portion where I teach something new about the game of chess. Towards the end of the lesson, we play a couple of games together and analyze them. Ideally, the games should be played against opposition through a screen share on Skype. By sharing these games together, I can get a good idea of where you are with your chess and what is the best route to improvement. Later in our lessons, I can teach you openings which help you win points faster, recommend openings to play below 2000 to learn chess faster, and verbalize and articulate my thoughts every game you play so you can pick up "my voice" when annotating your games or going through chess.

I cover a wide range of themes in my lessons, including recommended literature for visualization/calculation, middlegame/strategy, and endgame. I also teach how to use Chessbase and how to study chess openings, middlegames, and endgames with Chessbase and other tools. Annotated games are another essential part of my teaching approach, and I help students understand their importance by going through some of the most famous annotated games in chess history.

I also offer a unique perspective on the "10,000-hour rule" and teach you the number of games that are needed to excel at chess. We compare your progress to other players online and in real human-to-human matches, so you will know how many games you need to play, the best time controls, and a formula about ratings that can help you understand how a particular subject can help you earn points by excelling at it. Additionally, I offer a detailed insight into how to improve your game from 2200 to 2500. I show you everything I do to improve at chess, including the content I use, the databases, the books, the exercises, and how much time I devote to certain exercises.

To enhance your learning experience, I invite every student of mine to purchase a thumbnail drive with 128 GB for $15. I can purchase it on your behalf and send you my entire chess book library, which is 38 GB large. I will also send you a collection of DVDs/chess videos that can help you improve at chess and keep you busy in your free time. I offer the entire book and DVD collection for a nominal fee, but I am always happy to discuss with you why it is worth it.

You can contact me through messages here on Let's work together to help you achieve your goals in chess!