A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I am a self employed graphic designer, living in Australia, and I am a chess addict! A few of my hobbies are trading and investing - especially in cryptocurrencies, creative cooking, and CHESS!!  I find it's the best way to unwind and destress, especially after a long work day. I run a group here called Chess Nuts. Everyone over the age of 16 is welcomed to join it!
I've been intrigued now for a long time with the stock market, commodities, and more recently cryptocurrencies, but had no idea where to start, how to trade, and what to invest in. A friend introduced me to a massive fully regulated publicly traded company global company. 
Trust was a big factor for me, so because it's fully transparent, and has to be compliant, and I control my money, and I liked the results I was seeing, I decided to join. 
The company has an educational University platform for anyone who wants to learn how to trade. We have the choice to learn, or simply copy the signals from the expert traders, or we can invest in the hands free bot trading, which has been producing phenomenal results!
I'm very happy with the knowledge I am gaining, especially in cryptocurrency trading, but also excited to be investing in the artificial intelligence bot trading. We all know how amazing engines can be! 

The company focuses on The Forex Market, the Equities Market and the Cryptocurrency Market. There is a report provided every month of the expert traders results for full transparency.

If anyone would like any information, please flick me a message. I would love to help you learn and make money too!