playing the legendary Danya (GM Daniel Naroditsky):

For coaching: I am an experienced FQE (Quebec Federation) player and teacher, I have taught chess aswell at the scholastic level and privately for almost a year now. I don't pretend to be an expert in anything, I show my skills when needed and always look to get better and learn more. I look for the same attitude in future students.

message me on or to for more information, specific lessons plans based for your level and your weaknesses at affordable rate. English or French!


Canadian-Lebanese, chess improver and  teacher , 18 years old, never had a coach, have been playing for 3 years and a half , regional Outaouais consecutive double champion 2019 and 2020 aswell as 2020 U-18 section canada youth 2nd place , has a joy to share the game. Im rarely at my best but when I am I can play not so horrible happy.png. I will  always be happy, so dont ever try to mess with me (It wont work and God is watching.) #Blacklivesmatter #Palestinelivesmatter



“Chess doesn’t drive people mad, it keeps mad people sane.” – Bill Hartston

“Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for.” – Hans Ree

“Up to this point, White has been following well-known analysis. But now he makes a fatal error: he begins to use his own head.” – Siegbert Tarrasch

blitz ratings I hit by date:

first game: 15 august 2017:

800= august 16th, 2017

900=august 20th, 2017

1000= september 3rd, 2017

1100=November 15th, 2017

1111=November 23th, 2017

1200=february 23th, 2018

1234= march 1st, 2018

1300= april 1st, 2018

1400= june 22nd, 2018

1450=june 23rd, 2018

1500= august 12th, 2018

1600= september 14th, 2018

1700=January 1st, 2019,to celebrate new year!

1777=March 10th, 2019

1800=March 12th, 2019

1850=april 21st, 2019

1900= august 24th, 2019

1950= august 25th, 2019

2000= november 26th, 2019

2050= february 4th, 2020

2100=25th april, 2020

2150=25th april, 2020

2200=15th july, 2020

2222=15th july, 2020

2250=15th july, 2020

2300= 7th march, 2021

2345=13th April, 2021

2350=13th April, 2021

2400=17th April, 2021

last high hit: 2401 on April 17th, 2021



my first 2 mentors: @Zyorx and the legendary Marcel Laurin

top 25 in 2 arena kings and 6th place in another one (Arena Kings fischer random week 9 monday)

I have beaten Jobava in fischer random chess too :

As you see, It took me 9 whole months to climb from around 2265 to 2300. Getting that 2300 was a very big challenge to me and I know It wont be easy with life aswell to continue but I will never give up my chess quest