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Hi there my name is Corno, I am 39 years old from South Africa.

I am a very energetic coach especially focusing on juniors (4 year old and up); and have experience for coaching online.

I have been coaching for more than 20 years.

Have my own chess academy in Johannesburg called Chess Heroes.

Live on

My joy is that my students still play and enjoy the game till this day!!!

Coached South African champions before. 

Best Achievements

Beating Levon Aronian (number 6 in the world at that stage) in a simultaneous match link to the game and event

South African u/20 Champion in my days, went to Greece for World Junior Championship.

Represented South Africa and played international tournaments all over the world England, Holland, Greece, Tanzania and Vienna.

Won the African Amateur tournament in Bloemfontein.

Was South African Junior Coach to World Junior Championships (Greece, Turkey, Vietnam, Georgia and Slovenia)

Rates are 28$-35$ per hour lesson also available to play games please contact me on