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~💜Old bio is back lol💜~


Do your...

Days get a little bit longer....

Nights get a little bit colder.....

Heart beat a little bit louder....


"drunk with happiness" 

OMG THESE 2 characters r setting ma heart on fire frrrr this book is amazingggg: )

(*coughs* if anyone is interested in knowing the book name just PM me or in ma notes) : )

(oh ops a nail reveal ig (that was by accident) BUT yea focus on the writing) : )


🌺"HOPE" : )🌺

Always keep hope with u no matter how dark the night is, remember that there will be someone there waiting for u, and believe me there is someone that cares about you and wants to hear all ur problems so pls never say that ur alone becoz ur not ✨: )



I'm a girl so she/her hehe stop asking me now lol : )

I love reading books, like I am obsessed with reading, cant go one day without finishing more than half a book or a whole book XD : )


*coughs* I am also obsessed with cherries, dats why some people call me cherry, I cant survive one day without them fr: )


some hobbies? idk lol still about me, I realised that my bio should be about me and not random SO HERE U GO PEOPLE, DONT TELL ME that I have nothing about me in ma bio: )


I like to knit when I have some free time, its like a hobby that makes me calm down and relax while listening to music ofc lol: )


XD thats actually one of my hidden "talents"  which is designing dresses, I used to design soooo many cloths especially dresses when I was younger and now I think I got back to it, like couple of months ago (hehe already finished 27 designs), I might upload some pics later: )


no lol dont get this wrong XD I am not a professional pianist but I do play couple of songs, I sometimes write songs and when I try to sing I play piano and somehow, the outcome is not bad, I hate ma voice btw but eh do what u like and dont care about the outcome XD: )


I am in loveeee with writing poems and stories, which got me into writing letters to hospitals and other places, I sometimes just express my feelings in poems and all that, u should try writing too, it will help whenever u feel alone, mad, sad, angry, frustrated, depressed, happy, a book is the perfect place to hide ur feelings in: )


it havent been a year since I started playing the guitar but once I had this idea of "learning every hobby in the world" XD super weird ik but during that year I cant count how many hobbies I started to learn LOL: )


✨🌼Stay positive: )🌼✨




✨People✨ I ✨love ✨u ✨all ✨<3,✨ ur✨ not ✨alone✨: )✨

Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the support that I've been getting lately and all the positive messages, thanks y'all sooo sooo much, I truly love u all : )


LAST UPDATE ON : 3rd of November 2023: )

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(ps: ma fav line from ma fav book but fr gonna go offline now CYA) : )