Hey, ho!! Idk why you opened my bio but thanks for giving me +1 pf view!!

First of all the most important notes:
Profi aka Da Profeet (Who is next Albert Einstein) Made Me This AMAZING Profile Picture!! Thanks For That!! 
AND: Profi Da Profeet Made Me This Background!! Also Thanks For That!!

This is my second profile picture...made by Maitex aka Mai:

I'm 13 years old! My favorite hobbies:
1. chess
2. cycling
3. reading exciting (chess-) books
4. playing basketball

I started playing chess in February 2023 with a break in summer!!
In Germany there are three diplomas for chess players:
1. pawn diploma (solved in February)
You learn the basics like how the pieces move, about checkmate and stalemate!
Rook diploma (solved in April/May):
It's about forks, skewers and smothered mate and sth like this!
King diploma (solved in July):
About basic openings like Italian, Spanish and Kings Indian!
Also tactics in the middle game up to some easy endgame studies like pawn and kings vs king!

My best friends:
@ProfiMath: Nice to talk with!! Great partner to organize special events!!
@OmarVahidov: Great in sending useless smileys!
@PrimoVictoria1944-Sabaton: Cool to chat with!
@KNSR0207: We talk a lot every day about things like lo-locker room or kitchens....(not what you think)
@maitex564753: Made my of the nicest persons I know, great to talk with!!
@Legendowski: We have nice games, good to talk with, training partners
@ChessKy538: Always friendly and we do weird stuff together 
Goals till the end of the year!!
-Bullet bullet: 2050
-Blitz blitz: 1900
-Rapid : 2100
-Daily : 1600
-Puzzles: 3300
Puzzle Battle (currently around 1700): 2000

Goals for 2025: 
-Getting CM
-Bullet: 2500
-Blitz: 2450
-Rapid: 2400
-Daily: 1800
-Puzzle Battle: 2400
My friends or guys I know can call me "Erle"!
Other names:
Mr. Coach/Earl: only @ProfiMath can use
Early: only @KNSR0207 can use
WEBZ (it's not a bad word, no worries lol): only @WinterEmil can use
Erl: only @GMchessminator can use
Erie: Only @justelliot61970 can use

I hope you enjoyed reading my short bio!

Random notes you don't have to understand lol:
~T and H listening to Friesenjung on repeat in Berlin~

Please join my favorite clubs:
TWE (The World Explorers)

FCC (Francesco Chess Club)

Click on the FCC-picture to join! Schachmatt

Lucky Group:

The Three Checkers (It's a 3 check club)


Feel free to message me if you have a question or if you want to play a game!