hi/hey/hello ------- I prefer hi so i'm going to reply as hi or hey, sometimes i might say hello when i'm angry so....

hehe..... you will never know why I am doing this

Hmmmmm~ Haha yes!!!

@kingchessable used to say "Haha yes" alot but it's been a while, haven't seen you

I am a HUGE fan of The Lord of the Rings---------(Books and Movies both) 

So yeah let's continue anyways........

Wanna guess my favourite colour???










okay, im gonna tell it then

It is-it is- it is silvery white or plain white

Please join Shadow wolf and make it active plzzz, if you wanna do something for the club do let me/super admins know it. here's the link btw:

My best friend irl made an acrustic poem on my name, it was something like this:





I don't have a huge list of best friends on or amazing friends so yeah....

But there are some nice friends I have here on so they are, 

@Angmarian, @Max_Wolfe, @PrecisionGuessWorks, @CrazychessDJ

You all are very cool friends happy.png 

I think this is all so.... Bye!! Have a great day!