21 Eyl 2015
En Son Çevrimiçi
9 saat önce

Howdy! My name is Matthew.

I have played on and off over the years but only started taking it seriously mid-late 2019. I play OTB at a social club full of great people (they could let me win more!) and I hope to play OTB officially in the near future.

I am currently studying Youth Work as I hope to get into the Mental Health sector one day. Raising awareness of Mental Illness has become a strong passion of mine, in a way it helps me with my own demons.

My favourite chess player by far is Judit Polgar, it amazes me that someone so beautiful and kind hearted can be so manipulative and nasty on the chess board! She also does amazing work popularising the game of chess amongst the youths of today.


I also find Mikhail Tal very inspirational, his unique approach to chess really resonates with my style (except I rarely gain an advantage from my 'sacs' and 'gambits') I have heard a lot of chess phrases but one of his sayings pops up in my head most when playing a game. "Your opponent can only take a single one of your hanging pieces with each move." I also relate to his ummm, personal lifestyle a bit 


As far as board etiquette goes I look up to the great Boston Mike from Coffee Chess. He often outplays stronger opponents with his aggressive psychology over the board, it is all in good fun but it is incredible to watch him get inside the head of opponents if they let him. Plus he does the occasional stupid blunder which I can certainly relate to!

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If anyone wants to help raise awareness for Mental Health, please join us to help spread the word that if someone is feeling down or suffering MH issues, there is help out there! We are growing every day with positive members but we have room for plenty more.



If you are a descendant of the great Picts of Scotland, of Scottish origin, or you are rated 2500+ and looking for a team, we will take you in! I have nothing to do with Scotland plus I am crap at chess yet they still took me in!
Seriously though this club is full of really great people that will take in anyone that has a passion for chess and fighting together as a team, never seen a club support each other so much.



Also if anyone happens to know someone that was involved with Hawkwind and plays Chess, I would love to have a game with them.

I know this sounds silly but they had over 40 musicians come and go, hundreds of artists, dancers and other stage performers. Even if you were a roadie or whatever I would love to virtually meet you!