I once dug a hole so deep that you would break a bone if you fell into it. I called it a "crippling depression."

If you think about it, a person giving another person a concussion is basically one brain intentionally giving another brain brain-damage. Who knew that the greatest threat to your mental wellbeing is another being gone mental.

I once tried to write an autobiography; It ended up being a 10-page joke book. At least it was short. Maybe my life is less of a joke than I thought.

A boomer once told me that when he was growing up, he used to go outside and watch the sunset. He said it was "just gorgeous watching the sun cast golden beams onto the ground as it sank below the horizon." And I was like, "Stop lying lol RTX graphics came to Minecraft like, 3 years ago which is WAY after when you were a kid lol"

My dentist told me to get braces to fix my crooked teeth. I decided to move to the UK instead. 

My friend told me I was very mature for my age. Maybe it was because I was able to talk about complex topics with ease or because all my Crayons were neatly organized and sharpened.

Remember kids, be nice to all your siblings. Children tend to outnumber their parents and so staging a coup would be very easy if you're on good terms with your brothers and sisters.