Hello! I've been playing chess all my life and have been coaching beginner and intermediate players for the past few years. My chess related goals are to one day become a titled player and to help as many people as I can improve their game as well. 

I usually coach players up to 1500. Here are some reviews from students:


"I had a great session with Kyle. He helped me better understand decision making in the opening of the game, and talked me through different ways on how to focus on other aspects of the game. Meeting up with him was easy. I enjoyed my lesson, and he seems like an overall cool dude." -Alex


"Kyle is an amazing instructor! In one session he went over six or seven studies and allowed me to try and work out complicated winning ideas in different positions, and then showed me the correct ones and more importantly, the ideas that a chess player should take away from them. I can genuinely say that even in that one session, I feel like Kyle helped me substantially improve as a chess player." -Zach


"Kyle does a great job teaching and explaining concepts. I learned a lot of valuable fundamentals about end games that are really going to help me going forward. I would highly recommend him!" -John


"Kyle's patience, knowledge of chess, and flexibility while teaching is top notch to learn the game of chess or ascend to higher levels. His consistency and professionalism are ideal for all ages. Kyle demonstrates in each lesson unwavering passion for the game of chess and is present in his instruction that stems from a joy and genuine desire to teach, play, and admire chess content. During our lessons we covered all major chess core principals as well as new ideas. Lastly, the lessons were valuable because the balance of fun and challenge made the lessons’ objectives very accessible." - Kevin


My rate is $35/hr. I take Venmo and Paypal. The lessons are conducted through Skype. If you'd like to hire me as a coach or have any questions, send me a message!