I played chess in highschool a long time ago and kept struggling to say above 1200USCF but never had the self control to study chess really hard or even to wait for the moment to start the attack.  I heard about in 2008 played one game or so and then forgot about it. Then I got back into chess a few months back(10 years after I played in highschool) and have been getting lucky and doing very well since.  As such my rating as been shooting up...  I am anxious to see where it levels off.   I have been doing a lot of tactics trainer and learning off-beat openings because I find the awkward positions they lead to as very fun. is an amazing training tool.  Being in groups is like having my own group of chess tutors.  All in all, chess has been keeping me sane.  I LOVE CHESS.COM

**** In a tournament I just got my first full point against a 2000+ player.  I am super happy! ****