My name is Michael E. Machado. I am from San Antonio, Texas where I was born and raised all of my life. I first learned to play chess back in Sept. of 1972 back when the American Bobby Fischer won the World Championship Title from Boris Spassky the Russian from Lenningrad. I have been playing chess for over 42-years now and still playing. I am a member of the United States Chess Federation and the Texas Chess Association and the San Antonio Chess Club. I have been a member of Chess.com since June of 2009 for the past 5 1/2 years now but sadly I will be leaving chess.com by December of 2014 for my own personal reasons. I am considered as being an old-time legendary chess player who loves to play most anyone at all but mainly I love to play the beautiful ladies on chess.com. I currently have a rating of 1800 but managed to reach a rating once of 2140 at one time. Yes, I will be leaving chess.com in about 3-months so if anyone would like to challenge me for the last time you may do so. I am willing to take on any challengers !