Redoing bio. Work in progress, but here's some league history at least:

Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League Season 4: Played for the Chessical PROdigies, got top 8. Should have won, but we got knocked out by a team that cheated.

Not-So Pro Fog Of War League Season 1: Got first place with the Chessical PROdigies.

Not-So Pro Chess League Season 10: Got last in our division with the Chessical Destroyers, had a pretty unlucky season all in all.

Not-So Pro Bullet Chess League season 2: Best season I've had in a league. Won the league with the Checkmatin' Masteos. Our only loss was to Dream Team Destroyers, but we didn't have to face them in the playoffs. 

Competitive Stars League Season 2: Played for the Electrocuting Vortexes as a sub. We got knocked out in the quarterfinals by the team that took second.

Competitive Stars League Season 3: Played for the Checkmatin' Queens....... Pretty sure we got last place. Yeah......

Not-So Pro Blitz Cheese League season 5: Got knocked off because of forfeits in critical weeks.

So that wraps it up for my league history.  Anyway, I'm a USCF 849 OTB rated player, but I'm actually about a 1300-1400, since my last tournament was over a year ago. Go follow @Joseph_Truelson at he's a great streamer and great RARer!

I play a lot of Minecraft, especially on hypixel. I mainly play blitz survival games, and am decent at it. I also play a lot of blitz chess (Hmm, guess I really like blitz o.0).