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About Rashad

Rashad Babaev is a world-renowned Grandmaster who brings years of chess experience and success to coaching his students. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Rashad was trained by Oleg Privorotsky, the former teacher of World Champion Garry Kasparov, and he has won many international tournaments. His own career success as a Grandmaster has translated into success coaching young talents: several of his students have achieved Grandmaster status. Furthermore, Rashad attended seminars with Mark Dvoretsky in Moscow and even served as a sparring partner for many top Grandmasters. Rashad has also been involved in helping shape Young Chess Teams for Azerbaijan since 2003-2009 period. Finally, his scholastic teams have won first and second places at National, State and International competitions - a testimony to the devoted work that GM Babaev puts into each of his students’ growth journeys! Now you can benefit from the same expertise from one of the world’s foremost chess coaches – contact us today to start reaching your potential stars!

visit website: Rashadbabaev.com