3 Oca 2015
En Son Çevrimiçi
7 saat önce

 I play chess at! Challenge me! 

Join club ''Experts' Hideout''

We offer a lot of interesting stuff. From chess related stuff to various forum games and memes. Join us, you will not regret it.

Help us pass a 100 members milestone. We will have a celebration arena, winner gets 100 trophies!

We have a photo contest or jokes compilation,... When you join, you will see!

Our ideal memeber would be like: 

  • Fun
  • Active
  • Interesting
  • Good at Chess
  • Beautiful
  • YOU

You can find me at reddit:

I would appreciate if you would send me a friend request. English is NOT my main language so sorry if any grammar mistakes.

I am 12, live in Serbia. I like chess, videogames, reading/writing, LEGO bricks, memes. PM me if you need something, much more you can find in forums and blogs ( planning to do later )

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