Chess history - Played at Damien H.S back in 1988 ~ 1992 Was the #1 ~ #2 player in the school throughout my 4 years there.. Was part of the Chess Club. Played Chess in college at LCC, was asked to be part of their chess club but declined since my wife was pregnant with my son. haven't played chess since 1993.. got a part time job At Mobile Car Audio as a alarm/stereo installer to help pay for my son's Damien tuition. One day i was asking the owner of MCA (and good friend, who is here sn Rlung) if he watched "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and that's when the Chess board came out and we've been playing since around march 09. We both had a long lay-off from chess and our common interest in the game has sparked the excitement for the game again... I am happily married and a Father of 2.. My son goes to Damien, He is an Honor student there, he is in 8th grade (at the time i wrote this) has 4 honor classes and has won the Brother Rice award for academic honors and only plays Chess casually (sigh so much potential in chess though, I hope this site and myself can get him more active)... My Daughter is 5th grade, very creative young girl, she does ballet, gets good grades in school and is a pretty darn good chess player for her age. She has shown GREAT interest in the game and has even beat the brother 2 times out of 10 games played.. I hope she continues on the chess path.. I want to increase my level of play once again to what it was and maybe expand even more now into the game of chess. I find it a Great stress relief and a wonderful way to "exercise the mind" to stay sharp and witty..