Titled Player                                                       Pickle Master

Titled Player                  Best Chess Player from Outer Space

Titled Player                                           Titled but not titled Master

Titled Player                                 Good results against CMs (1.5/4)

Titled Player                    Embarrassing my coach in a tournament

Titled Player                    2-time U10 Chess Champion in my state

Titled Player       U12 Chess Champion in my state (when I was 8)

Titled Player             3-time Chess Champion in my city age group


Some Random Person...

Where the Brilliancy Never Ends...

Right here... (The place where the brilliancy never ends) https://www.chess.com/club/the-club-of-brilliant-moves-and-tactics (99.99% of you will not join i think and prove me wrong if you think im being too pessimistic) and pls join for 10 trophies from me. (Just PM me that you joined through my profile)

Playing chess with Ryan...

Right here here

I'm back...

Right here... https://www.chess.com/club/we-are-back (pls join)

Having a pizza party...

Right here... https://www.chess.com/club/pizza-party

I am a puzzle patzer

Breaking all logical rules...

It's just natural...

I am an alien...

Activity: I am always called a toddler because I am 2 years old. I am not offended by the reason. Why am I 2-years-old? (No one has solved it yet so PM me the answer for 5 trophies).


around 1300 points (probably a lot more soon)

22 friends

over 25 clubs

feel free to ask me to partner clubs as long as you are over 100 members. My club has around 300 members and is 3 months old.

I cannot see friend requests so you must alert me or somehow lure me into looking at your profile

Thank you everyone who has helped me build confidence and encourage me throughout our chess journey! I will return the favour someday - trust me.

I am from the planet called apwofijepofy on the Darker Side of the Universe. Yes, it sounds weird. I live in Pickland. If you want to learn the language there, I'll teach you a few words so just pm me.

Favourite Puzzles:






My club:

Club of Brilliant Moves and Tactics

Leaderboard T1 2022 (Finished):

leTal: 998

ChessSBM: 719

vii11603: 440

BillBelichick01: 430

Friend Graveyard:


ChessSBM was a nice member of chess.com and was always participating in my club's activities. It was sad that he closed his account.



Around June, leTal closed his account. He was a major contributor to my club and I missed him a lot. However, at the end of July, he came back to life! I am so happy that he came back to chess.com. I know that he has taken numerous risks and challenges (the biggest one is probably speaking a different language).

Secret code language (solve this to earn something):




moroeht suorogahtyp


(uop elkcup)hsilgne+_

PM me the correct answer if you think you can solve it (i doubt).

I think the chance of you solving is less than 0.001%

One of my friends almost got it and messed up the last bit of the quest cry There's only 3 chances to get the right answer.