ECL2024 Round 1 Announcement

ECL2024 Round 1 Announcement

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Welcome to the new season of European Cities League. We have 64 teams, which are split into 4 groups of 10 and 3 groups of 8 teams.

Promotion/demotions will be calculated based on the standing on October, 13th, 2024:

  • Division 1 - 2 teams demoted
  • Division 2 - 2 teams promoted, 2 teams demoted
  • Division 3 - 2 teams promoted, 2 teams demoted
  • Division 4 - 2 teams promoted, 3 teams demoted
  • Division 5 - 3 teams promoted (1 team per group)

Final standings will be announced as of 31st December 2024.

Schedule for the all rounds is available in groups forums.

Below you find the pairings of Round 1 of the ECL2024. Please go through the links used in this news, find your opponent team's page and send them a match challenge with details as below.

ECL2024 is under way: Rules -- Team contacts

Divisions: 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5A -- 5B -- 5C

Minimum players: Division 1 (15+), Division 2 (12+), Division 3 (9+), Division 4 (7+), Divisions 5 (5+)

Promotion/demotion cutoff: October, 13th 2024; Season cutoff: December, 31st 2024; Registration ECL2025 will be opened in September 2024

Match Name: ECL2024 R1: your city vs. opposing city (for example,  ECL2024 R1: Barcelona vs Beograd )

  • Game Type: Standard
  • Days per Move: 3 days
  • Players per Team: minimum: differs by division, see above; maximum: leave free
  • Concurrent Games: 2
  • Games are RATED
  • Start Time: November 12th, 2023, 5pm UTC (please recalculate to your timezone)

Accept the challenge without delay and immediately check to make sure that the match parameters and the start time are set correctly. If they are not correct, please fix the problem immediately by canceling the match and issuing a new challenge with the correct parameters, then contact your opponent's admin to inform them of what you have done.

If you have sent your challenge but your opponent is not accepting it, please report it in the forum thread of your division, so that everybody involved can help to find and fix the problem quickly. To contact team representatives for communication and problem fixing, find them in the thread “ECL2024: Team contacts”. When your match is open for registration, please post its link in the thread of your division. Please encourage all your players to sign up for the match by posting announcements in your group's news, notes or forums. Make sure you reach the required minimum participation in time and build good overall participation.

By default, WCL matches are also counted as ECL matches if the pairings overlap (see Appendix F2 in the rules). Both teams must agree if a separate ECL match is to be set up and match link reported in the proper division forum. Matches of teams in the same WCL and ECL group are marked with "X"

Round 1 - November, 12th

Division 1 (15+)
Beograd - Barcelona
Kyiv - Messini
Prague X Odessa
Lviv - Niš
Prishtina - London
Division 2 (12+)
Torino - Zagreb
Minsk - Budapest
Brno - Athens
Kherson - Sofia
Bucharest - Kharkiv
Division 3 (9+)
Bratislava X Edinburgh
Salerno - Ternopil
Rostock - Reggio Emilia
Lyon - Perth
Birmingham - Munster
Division 4 (7+)
Donetsk - Rome
Hastings - Glasgow
Karagandy X Dnipro
Metz - Bologna
Maracena - Sheffield
Division 5A (5+)
Almaty - Slovyansk
Thessaloniki - Chisinau
Levice X Sumy
Isle of Man - Burton
Division 5B (5+)
Boulogne - Bordeaux
Istanbul - Cherkasy
Lisboa - Berdychiv
Bristol - Dublin
Division 5C (5+)
Mykolaiv - Košice
Inverness - Zaporizhzhia
Farsley - Toulouse
Bradford - Izmir

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