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If you are chat- or play- banned: With questions regarding punishments or bans on 4PC, please email 4pc@chess.com
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atomic gets, the more this problem will occur. I really appreciate the possibility of a second account to explore new openings, though! @rune, I used 1) Nf3 and 2) Nc3 and there's seemingly tons of overlap with Nf3 e3 !! Cool! And no hate for that particular opening. :-) But hate for being "so good" with "so few games under my belt", due to the 2nd account thing.
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I created a 2nd account on lichess to explore new openings, figuring it's an authorized reason to do that. Wow, I got a lot of hate. I guess it looks suspicious to shoot up to 2200 in a couple games. People think I'm using an engine. But that's the way provisional ratings work there. People are super sensitive to cheating in atomic, with good reason. Last night I think I lost to two cheaters on chess.com . Sigh. I think we really need "cheating inspectors" on here now. The more popular
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The grasshopper is as close as you can get to a checker, considering they already coded in a piece which can jump over pieces and capture, it wouldn’t be hard to code a checker piece in
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There comes a point where it just isn't chess anymore 😂(checkers is the number 1 nemesis)