Hammertime Strategy

Hammertime Strategy

Learn Key Strategies From Grandmaster Hammer!

Do you want to know the strategic ideas that win games at the top level? Then this is the course for you! Not only does GM Jon Ludvig Hammer demonstrate his own games against the strongest players in the world, but he also shows a variation that he helped Magnus Carlsen prepare to win a brilliant game against former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik! Start learning the Hammer strategy today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn the pros and cons of doubled pawns!
  • Learn how to restrict the opponent's bishop and squeeze out a win!
  • Learn why it's important to be patient in chess.
  • Learn key strategic themes in the Berlin Defense and Queen's Gambit!

"What a wonderful author! Superb skill and analysis combined with a humility few possess." - Chess.com member omarpirzada

How To Win With Doubled Pawns

Did you know that doubled pawns are not always a weakness in chess? Let GM Jon L. Hammer show you how to turn doubled pawns into a way to launch a winning attack.
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How To Restrict Your Opponent's Bishop

Bishops can be dangerous pieces to play against, but if you know how to restrict their power, you can turn them into glorified pawns—or worse. In this lesson, GM Hammer shows you how to play against the opponent's bishop.
14 хв
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The Power Of Patience In Chess

Patience is an underrated skill in chess, and perhaps in life. In a game of imbalances, waiting for the right moment pays off. GM Hammer shows you the power of patience on the chessboard in this lesson.
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How To Play The Short Endgame

The Short Endgame, named for GM Nigel Short, arises after a classic opening and middlegame pattern. GM Hammer shows you how to handle these positions from opening to ending.
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How To Play The Berlin Endgame

When you play the Berlin Endgame, you know that you're in the same position as the world's best grandmasters have been in some of the most important moments of chess history. GM Hammer shows you how to play this advanced and important endgame.
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