Play Like A Chess Streamer

Play Like A Chess Streamer

Can you play like some of today's top chess streamers?

Find the moves from the games of some of the most popular chess streamers.

  • How did Eric Rosen and Aman Hambleton make the London System look ferocious against strong opposition?
  • How did Dina Belenkaya force mate in a controversial chessboxing match, despite some vicious punches from Andrea Botez?
  • How did Alexandra Botez win a queen at the Olympiad with a brilliant combination?
  • How does James Canty win with his beloved c3-Sicilian?

Play Like Eric Rosen

Eric Rosen is the reigning I AM Not A GM champion. Check out one of his best-ever wins against GM Simen Agdestein, a former coach of Magnus Carlsen.
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Play Like Aman Hambleton

GM Aman Hambleton streams with the Chessbrahs. He also won the highest rated chessboxing match in history! Check out one of his brilliant victories in Titled Tuesday.
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Play Like Dina Belenkaya

Dina Belenkaya is a WGM, a chess streamer and a chessboxing champion. Check out a game she played between rounds of boxing against another streamer, Andrea Botez!
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Play Like Alexandra Botez

She's famous for the Botez Gambit and her popular stream, but she's also a strong chess player. Check out an amazing victory from the 2016 Chess Olympiad.
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Play Like James Canty

James Canty is chess streamer and FM, who is working his way toward the GM title. Check out one of great attacking games.
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Play Like A Chess Streamer

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