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Play Like Hikaru Nakamura

Play Like Hikaru Nakamura

Find the greatest moves of Hikaru Nakamura's career!

Play through some of the best games of Super-Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. Try to spot his brilliant combinations against world class opponents including World Champion Anand and World Champion Challenger Boris Gelfand. See if you can spot the combinations that have made Hikaru one of the most exciting Grandmasters on the planet.

  • Find the moves in brilliant King's Indian counter-attacks!
  • Try to find one of the greatest queen sacrifices of all time!
  • Find the moves to beat World Champion Anand!
  • Play Like Hikaru Nakamura: Zherebukh vs Nakamura

    Hikaru Nakamura has won five US Championships, often with high plus scores. One of his specialties is the ability to win with the Black pieces, often quickly, even against strong GMs. In this game from the 2017 championship he made quick work of Grandmaster...

    • 1 challenge
  • Play Like Hikaru Nakamura: Krasenkow vs Nakamura

    In 2007 Hikaru played maybe his best ever combination in a game against GM Michal Krasenkow. In a sharp Catalan it may have appeared like Black was in trouble, but Hikaru found a brilliant sacrifice to turn the tables. Follow along and see if you can...

    • 1 challenge
  • Play Like Hikaru Nakamura: Nakamura vs Anand

    Hikaru qualified for the 2016 World Championship Candidates tournament. A poor start spoiled his chances for success, but he recovered and finished on an even score. His comeback included a crushing win against former World Champion Vishy Anand. See if...

    • 1 challenge
  • Play Like Hikaru Nakamura: Gelfand vs Nakamura

    Hikaru is one of the premier King's Indian Defense players in the world. He's scored great attacking wins against many top players. Here's a game against World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand. See if you can find Hikaru's brilliant attacking plan.

    • 1 challenge
  • Play Like Hikaru Nakamura: Beliavsky vs Nakamura

    As we saw last game, Hikaru is a great expert at attacking with the King's Indian. He demonstrated it again in a game against the experienced Grandmaster Alexander Beliavsky. Follow along and try to keep up!

    • 1 challenge
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