Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

You know that Daniel (Danya) Naroditsky is a great broadcaster, but how's his chess?

Danya is rated over 2600 FIDE and over 3000 in blitz and bullet on chess.com! Check out five amazing games by GM Naroditsky against strong grandmasters.

  • Find the moves in Danya's self-proclaimed best game ever.
  • See if you can play like Danya in a crushing victory over GM Wesley So.
  • Find the moves in three of the best blitz and bullet games you'll ever see!

Naroditsky - So: Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

Wesley So is the Global Chess Champion and consistently among the top players in the world. Yet, in this game, Danya defeated So with a beautiful kingside attack.
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Naroditsky - Ortiz Suarez: Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

Can you find the moves in the best game that Danya ever played? Check out the amazing sacrificial ideas and positional domination in this game against GM Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suarez.
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Tang - Naroditsky: Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

GM Andrew Tang is maybe the fastest chess player in the world. However, Danya took him down in this remarkable bullet game, full of astounding sacrifices.
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Hamidi - Naroditsky: Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

FM Amir Mohammad Hamidi is an impressive bullet player, with a bullet rating over 3100! However, in this game, Danya quickly took the initiative and refused to let go!
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Naroditsky - Tan

How can you build a quick attack from a quiet opening? See if you can find the ideas behind Danya's brilliant blitz attack against GM Justin Tan.
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Play Like Daniel Naroditsky

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