Play Like Judit Polgar

Play Like Judit Polgar

Find Polgar's moves in some of her best games!

Judit Polgar is the strongest female chess player of all time. She was the first woman to contend for the overall World Championship and broke the record for youngest grandmaster in history,  a record previously held by Bobby Fischer. Polgar is known for her amazing attacking play. See if you can find her moves in five of her greatest games. Start winning like Judit today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find the moves in a win against World Champion Karpov!
  • Find Polgar's most famous combination, finding an amazing mate against GM Berkes!
  • Take down top players like Mamedyarov, Shirov, and more!

Play Like Judit Polgar: Polgar vs Berkes

One of Judit Polgar's greatest attacking games was against Hungarian Grandmaster Ferenc Berkes.
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Play Like Judit Polgar: Polgar vs Mamedyarov

Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov is another one of the sharpest players in the world but in this game, Judit Polgar took him down with a direct attack.
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Play Like Judit Polgar: Shirov vs Polgar

In this game Polgar sacrificed two pawns to take over the initiative in a sharp Sicilian and use a combination to win decisive material. See if you can keep up with her!
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Play Like Judit Polgar: Polgar vs Shirov

Last game we examined Polgar's play with the Black pieces against GM Alexei Shirov. Now we'll see how she handled the White pieces against him. Shirov plays a Modern Defense and Polgar finds an unusual and aggressive system to attack. Try to keep up and see if you can defeat a Grandmaster like Shirov in just 21 moves.
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Play Like Judit Polgar: Polgar vs Karpov

World champion Karpov is one of the greatest players of all time, but GM Polgar defeated him three times in classical games, including this attacking gem.
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