Play Like Mikhail Tal

Play Like Mikhail Tal

Put yourself in the shoes of the Magician from Riga!

Mikhail Tal was a World Champion but is better known as the greatest attacking wizard that the chess world has ever seen. Tal took the chess world by storm and played amazing attacking games in a style the world had never seen. See if you can keep up with this chess magician in five of his best games. Start attacking like Tal today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to fight your way to victory against World Champions Spassky and Smyslov!
  • Find brilliant sacrifices as only Tal can play!
  • How to recreate the magic of Tal in your own games!

Play Like Mikhail Tal: Spassky vs Tal

Boris Spassky was a World Champion in his own right, but in this game Tal made him look like an amateur.
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Play Like Mikhail Tal: Tal vs Sviridov

When Tal played against non-world class opposition he often won quickly and brilliantly. See if you can find his amazing combination to sacrifice and win against the sharp Sicilian Dragon!
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Play Like Mikhail Tal: Tal vs Smyslov

Smyslov was a much quieter player, so Tal vs Smyslov was always a great clash of styles. This time Tal came out on top!
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Play Like Mikhail Tal: Tal vs Unzicker

Wolfgang Unzicker was a strong Grandmaster, but in this game he couldn't keep up with Tal's magic. Unzicker played a solid Spanish Game to defend against Tal's e4 and tried his best to keep the game quiet. See if you can find how Tal broke open the position and won with one of his classic sacrifices.
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Play Like Mikhail Tal: Tal vs Uhlmann

Wolfgang Uhlmann, not to be confused with Wolfgang Unzicker from our last game, is a strong German Grandmaster. He played a sharp French Defense against Tal.
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