Positional Masterpieces

Positional Masterpieces

How has positional play changed throughout the history of chess?

GM Romain Edouard brings you four positional masterpieces from some of the best players in the history of the game. 

  • How did Wilhelm Steinitz smoothly defeat his opponent from a quiet position?
  • How did Bobby Fischer defeat a grandmaster who barely made any mistakes?
  • How do modern masters like Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Magnus Carlsen mix tactics and strategy?

Positional Masterpieces: Englisch - Steinitz

GM Romain Edouard is back with a series on positional masterpieces. He starts with a historic example. Check out how Wilhelm Steinitz, the first world champion, took apart Berthold Englisch in an incredibly smooth game.
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Positional Masterpieces: Fischer - Taimanov

In 1971 Bobby Fischer won consecutive world championship candidate matches by incredible 6-0 scores. In this game with GM Mark Taimanov, Fischer never gave his opponent any counterplay and won despite barely any mistakes by Black.
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Positional Masterpieces: MVL - Yu Yangyi

At the top level today positional masterpieces must include tactical finesse throughout. GM Romain Edouard brings you a beautiful game where Maxime Vachier-Lagrave picked apart his opponent with threats on every part of the board.
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Positional Masterpieces: Carlsen - Anand

How does the world champion play a positional masterpiece? He uses a mix of tactics and strategy. GM Romain Edouard demonstrates a brilliancy from Magnus Carlsen against the then champion, Vishy Anand.
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Positional Masterpieces

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