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    Instructive video. Is there live chess960 on though? If there isn't that'd be a good idea

  • 4 years ago


    While the live commentary was very impressive, I think a better teaching tool would be to record the games, then go back and narrate them.

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    14 months ago


    I kind of like the title Chess960.  I would think simply leaving the king and queen in place and shuffling the rest.

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    loved this ... haven't seen Fischer Random played that smoothly before.  You made it look easy and reasonable. Nice games!!

  • 6 years ago


    I kind of like the title Chess960.  I would think simply leaving the king and queen in place and shuffling the rest.

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    I like it but the time limit is too fast.

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    very nice

  • 6 years ago


    Awesome video! It was very instructive.     

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    During the second game, I was reminded of one of those scenes in war movies when a whole bunch of guys run out in front of a machine gun and respond accordingly. Very entertaining, if not instructive. Please bring more of these and live sessions videos to the videos library! Nothing is better when eating breakfast before a long day of class!

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    This is the first video I've watched on Fischer Random Chess (I like that name better also).  I like your commentary and examples, giving us novices and great intro to this new (to me) way of playing.  More please! Cool

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    great, thanks.

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    Very instructive Charles. Watching you get into time trouble in live games is oddly exciting--you always come through like a champ. Thanks for making the video.

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    The first game, I don't understand why s/he resigned?? maybe s/he pressed the resign button by accident when s/he was trying to press the draw button.

    2nd game. Lol funny name. You were losing on time so you added time because you said before that you had 25 secs but after he resigns you said that you have 26 secs.

    3rd game. s/he could have resigned when s/he lost the queen.

    Nice games!

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    Thanks for the Fischer Random videos, lots of interesting concepts of strategys. If only I could figure out how to play a LIVE game.

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    Awesome video. I liked watching Charles destroy his opponent in the 2nd game with only seconds on the clock. I thought the same as Musicalhair though - that he probably just didn't know how to castle. His early bishop "pin" (if you could call it that) made me think he must have been quite low rated. Musicalhair might be right that it would be more instructive to play better opponents, but sometimes its also great fun watching someone dominate the board so completely. Thanks charles - I like your laid-back commentary style (no prepared intros please!).

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    FM BecomeanIM

    thank you everyone for the comments. I am very happy the video made it up it is quite a controversial topic to post a 960 game. Sorry if some of you were dissatisfied with the content.

    I couldnt agree more with the title, Fischer Random is more appropriate and I will refer to it as such :)

    I hope for everyone else watching that you enjoy the three mini segments, it is true that it is unfortunate not to capture the allocated time controls for the players but I hope the rapid fire commenting and the fluctuation in emotions as the game gets close to me losing compensates ;)

    to add, there is an additional lecture on t his topic pending and in it i state something that might be of interest to everyone watching: Fischer Random is the perfect opportunity for the amateur to match the master on this "hand to hand" combat, we lose the openings and our experience in positions should match. 

    if you happen to have the opportunity try this out and verify the level of your opponents... I have found myself losing to players way below my level Cry

    for those that mention if i put thought into the video -- yikes ;( I am cornered. in my defense i will say that at least sometimes I shower.

    As always thank you for  your comments!


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    true, I think more time should be allowed for 960.

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    no way.........

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