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    That was so amazing. Great work by the players and you to Keaton. 

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    At 10:55 can't Anand play Nd3 which traps the black bishop? If Carlsen does nothing, the rook on d1 can take the bishop. If the bishop either moves to a2, c2, or captures the knight on d3, the rook on d2 will take it.

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    Very interesting thanks

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    because after the queen  are of the board the king is safe and it can come into the game which is a endgame.


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    I have to agree with Senchean. This is not an endgame - and we are not the only ones who think that way:-

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    Ok.  I don't understand this, and I hear it all the time.  And NO ONE has given a real answer.  After the exchange of queen's IM Kiewra says it's the endgame.  THERE ARE STILL FIVE PIECES ON THE BOARD APIECE!  And he's not the only one, I've heard Susan Polgar say the same thing during the WCC, Jennifer Shahade, during the Sinqeufield Cup, and many others from watching videos and reading articles on  Now, I'm not saying material is the only criteria for an endgame, but it seems that all of these IM's and GM's believe that the ONLY criteria for an endgame is the queens off the board.  Why?  What about the queens being exchanged moves the game into an endgame?

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    Great clear video ...I love the Ruy Lopez, and I think Bobby Fischer was the greatest player of all time. Thanks Keaton, great job!

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    Very nice video!

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    I can confirm that Sæmi Bobby Fischers body guard found out this Bd7 move first around 5 years before Kramnik - Kasparov match. I showed him the pos while playing corr game and asked Sæmi what he would play in the position. His answer was Bd7..... that was in no book at the time......

    Erlingur Thorsteinsson

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    Very instructive, thanks.

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    Very good explanation.Thanks Keaton.

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    You clearly put a lot of effort into producing a video with many instructive elements. It was clear and well organized, and I learned a lt. Thanks.

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    Great coverage Keaton. I love how Anand defended actively!

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    at 16:55 Carlsens Re6 isn't just some kind of a waiting move. it's an active defence of pawn on g5, if white tries to take it, then they get into unavoidable checkmate b5-b4. Considering that Anand was under 1:30 at this point that might have worked, but Anand found Rd8, which gives possibility to check the King from a8 and eat the pawn on a5 or b5 if black advances his b-pawn.

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