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    at the last part. i wondering why  white instead of "f2", white can simply play Nf6+ and whatever has played -capturing the knight with rook or knight- the queen go to Qh4 and the mate in next move in force as i think

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    Great video! I loved it!

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    NM litmus

    The second position comes from Smyslov-Zhu Chen, Klompendans (2001). Alex, you are wrong to say "Smyslov missed it." He did play 10. Nb6! in the game. However, he let Zhu Chen off the hook later and the game ended in a draw. 

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    Great Videos!! Thanks and keep on giving us lectures!

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    In the Gashimov,V  vs. Navara,D game you are missing black's reply of 2... Rg6. I know this does not change the point of the video that this line must be looked at, but you also need to consider all possible replies in the same way as you consider all of your checks, captures, and threats.

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    Dear Master Lenderman:

    Thank yo so very much for this generous insight into chess theory.

    I cannot say enough about such a genius insight into the game and your brilliant insight into the subtle elements of the beautiful game we love.

    How did you discover this insight?  You discovered this insight by a deep knowedge of yourself.  Maybe y*** inspired you to be so smart.  Somehow, you are inspired to teach and share experience with the community.

    Thank yoiu.

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    Quiescence errors - not looking into a situation deeply enough. 

    Interpretation -

    In chess, we often have quiescence errors by not studying check, capture nor threat situations in a systematic and extensive way, irrespective of whether the window of study and calculation is one second, minute, or hour.


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    OH yeah, Dan Heisman's videos and lectures are very good on ICC!  His lectures are very fundamental and alot of his lectures are focused on improving and understanding moves for the beginner.  

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    NM Bab3s

    For the record, Navara replied to Gashimov's f3 with ...Nh6, after which Rxc7 truly does win.

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    In the last example after f3 I would play Qc2 as black.  Did not bother putting this into computer but seams pretty strong for black.  Black Night must be captured or queens exchange.  In both cases white is down in material.  Not sure how wite will win after that.

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    After 1.Qg5 black plays Rg6! and wins. 2.Qxg6 Qc1+ 3.Ke2 Qc2+ 4.Ke1 Qxf2+ (4.Kf3 Qxf2#) 5.Kd1 Ne3+ 6.Kc1 Qc2#

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    about the Gashimov-Navarra game, thanks for the comments on f3 and ...Qd8!

    Also, in the line ...Qe7, Rxc7, ...Qxc7, Qg5,  ...Rg6! draws:  Qxg6, ...Qc1+, Ke2, ...Qc2+, Ke1 ends in a draw.  So Navarra and Gashimov did not err.

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    CM FLfish29

    Also spotted Qd8 but still an instructive video nonetheless.  Even the very best are prone to human error.  Thanks for another instructive video.  Jeremy from FL.

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    GM AlexanderL

    Splane, thank you very for your comment! You're absolutely right. This example just shows us all that we're all not perfect and make mistakes sometimes even in analysis! :) Somehow I was very sure I had it right but even during my lecture i wasn't able to spot Qd8. I'm very sorry about that mistake. In any event, I hope that hole in this lecture didn't ruin the purpose if it and I'll try to avoid that from happening again ! :)

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    great video!!


    In the last game after analysis and white plays f3 kicking the knight... Qd8 seems very strong for black as pointed out by NM Splane!!! I cannot find a good reply for white!!

    the suggested reply by one of the commentors of Qxg6+ will be met by black playing Rxg6 and end of game... you missed the rook there buddy!!

    Anyways I really loved the way this video was presented!! It made me think lots while watching!! Great thought structuring exercise!! Keep up the good work!

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    Great video!! You provided us beginners with a very good tool to improve our thinking process. First checks next captures and finally threats.

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    Great video, It really helped me alot. I haven't actually caught myself calculating too short yet but I have rededicated myself to calculating well and considering more sacrifices

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    Great video Alex! 

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    IM DanielRensch

    I am so glad people seem to be enjoying this series idea!!! Alex intends to make it a long video series, much like his previous one on Space...

    I enjoyed it too Wink...

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